Executive Board

2016 Board members


Thom Scott – Trees, plants and soil a passion since early boyhood. Environment and sustainable planet a lifelong focus in education and vocation.  Commitment to community engagement throughout,  and in the last twenty years helping to grow City Farm from 1995 – securing a 40 year lease, project managing the City Farm Cafe and building/ site upgrades.  On the Board and numerous committees of Men of the Trees from 1998 to 2008 including Honorary General Manager through the implementation of the GST.  Awarded MOTT Honorary Life Membership in 2006. In 2014 returned to take on the role of President of the Society, and I continue to embrace the principles of Earthcare, Peoplecare and Surplus share, and promoting the advancement of tree planting in Western Australia.


Paul Barber – More than 20 years’ experience as a scientist, with an emphasis on the diagnosis, monitoring and sustainable management of plantation, crop, native, and urban vegetation health in Australia and Asia. Founding Director of ArborCarbon, an environmental and arboricultural consultancy dedicated to providing novel and innovative solutions for the sustainable management of vegetation through strategic partnerships in the private and research sectors. Adjunct Associate Professor at Murdoch University, Australia. Recognised as one of the leading experts in urban and plantation tree health management throughout the Asia Pacific region.


Chris Ferreira – Chris has been a MOTT Board member for 17 years and former VP for 3 years. He is co founder of Perth City Farm and runs WA’s largest environmental education program through his business The Forever Project. He has a degree in Forestry and has a passion for large scale revegetation and landcare. In 2000 he was awarded Honorary Life Membership to MOTT for his environmental education services and in 2003 he was awarded the Centennial medal for services to the environment. In 2009 became a Board member for MOTT’s affiliate program Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund.


Sally Dare – Sally grew up on a wheat and sheep farm in WA and has had an interest in a small holding permaculture project since mid-90’s. She has 6 years of management experience in a large not-for-profit organisation and currently manages City Farm Café as a private enterprise in alliance with Perth City Farm and Men of the Trees. Sally embraces diversity and working together in a collaborative and productive way to care for both the planet and its people. She places a priority on supporting strong community organisations with a clear purpose, good governance structure, effective communication, and an evidence based approach to program development and decision making.


Peter Randell – Peter’s early career centred around the provision of taxation and business advice to a diverse, mainly rural client base.
Following that, he was computer systems consultant for 5 years in the formative PC era.
For the last 26 years Peter has run his own business providing financial advice and stockbroking services for private clients



Alan Benn – Alan has been involved with MOTT since 1990 when he took part in the Farm Tree help scheme, growing and planting trees for farmers in the wheatbelt for several years. Alan has always had a keen interest in sustainability and organic growing and was an early member of the organic growers association.  Alan now works as a sustainability auditor and has provided advice to City Farm and MOTT on ways to lower their energy and water use.

Alan Briggs – After a career in forest and land conservation; management; recreation and tourism, advisor for Forests and the National Trust, Alan established NHC consultancy. A member of Avongro, in 2014 Alan became Chairman. He has interests in Eco-tourism, Geo-tourism and Geoparks and Indigenous engagement in land management, tourism and geoparks. Lecturing part time, Alan is undertaking a PhD at Murdoch focusing on stakeholder perceptions of establishing a Geopark in the Wheatbelt. A Rotarian at West Perth Rotary Club, Alan established treemission with Rotary and the National Trust (WA), creating an awareness of environmental issues linking and educating school children.

Colin Campbell – Colin has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management. He worked as a Natural Resource Economist in both the public and private sectors for about 15 years before joining the WA Office of the Auditor General (WA OAG) in 2002. There he worked as a performance auditor examining the efficiency and effectiveness of government programs and projects. In 2006, Colin completed a year long international work exchange with the Commissioner for Environment and Sustainable Development within the Canadian Office of the Auditor General in Ottawa. He was appointed Director at the WA OAG on his return in early 2007 and then Assistant Auditor General in 2008. Colin left the Auditor General’s Office in 2014 to take up private consultancy.

Chris Durrant – Associated with MOTT since the late 1980s, initially through Million Trees Programme. Active volunteer at SBGN since 2008 and currently Chairman of the SBGN Management Committee. Chairman of the MOTT Finance Committee. A former Chartered Secretary with 13 years experience in financial management in Australia and overseas including roles as Chief Accountant for a small listed public company and General Manager of the Stock Exchange of Perth. Built and ran his own business for 9 years, then spent 20 years as a secondary school teacher of Accounting, Business Studies and Economics before retirement at the end of 2007.

Brian Ellam – Hi my name is Brian Ellam . I am 62 years of age and I work 3 days a week as a teacher. I am the chairman of Rockingham branch and been a member for over 25 years. I hope to continue on the Board to assist in the success of it into the future.

Anne Halsted – Anne has more than 25 years of management and board experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors in Southern Africa and Australia.  She currently manages projects that support Australian mining companies working in Africa. She has had a longtime interest in the impact of population growth on land use and communities, and the development of programs that ensure that the needs of humans and the needs of the environment are accounted for, and can support one another sustainably. Last year she completed a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at the U.W.A. Business School, and has done extensive research work on the role of Social Entrepreneurship in sustainable businesses.

Elizabeth Kington – I live in Toodyay on a hobby farm and for the past 10 years have worked for Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management. During this time I have been responsible for delivering major environmental programs in the Wheatbelt region, Noongar engagement, media and marketing, and strategic planning. I am currently Vice President of Avongro and hold a doctorate from UWA in Environmental Policy.

Sandra Krempl’s – Career highlights include presenting prime time live shows for Radio and Television; directing cultural presentations at World Expos; and being the music advisor for the 1991 South Pacific Games Opening Ceremony. In Australia she played a key role in the establishment of King Street Arts Centre in the Perth CBD. Sandra’s cultural planning method has been applied across Australia and internationally. She has completed a PhD in spirituality and environmental sustainability. In April 2015 Sandra agreed to step back into the role of Men of the Trees CEO, a role she previously held from 2007 to January 2011.

Rosanne Scott– Founder and Director of Perth City Farm for 17 years from1994 with a team of young people, kick-started the Community Garden Sector in Perth – securing a 40year lease. First Woman President of Men of the Trees 2004-06, MOTT Board 1995-2008.  With teams of young people, successfully planted thousands of trees in the Wheatbelt through Activate Tree Planting events 2000 to the present. Her 1990-2002 Pia project built bridges with Wadjari people of Murchison region 750 km N.E of Perth – young city people working together with Aboriginal people. 2009 awarded Paul Harris Fellowship by East Perth Rotary for service to community, and placed on Conservation Council of W.A’s Honours List 2010, for contributions over previous 20 years.