There are endless opportunities to volunteer your skills with the Men of the Trees branches.

Administration Centre

  • There are receptionist volunteers from Monday to Friday (one for each day of the week).
  • Volunteers support work for festivals, newsletters, buildings and grounds, cleaning and tidying and many other day to day tasks.
  • Board and committee members are volunteers contributing through governance services and linking MOTT to wider networks.


Our nurseries are located in Hazelmere (St Barbe Grove Grove) and Rockingham. Our regular volunteers carry out tasks such as seeding, sowing, propogation by cutting, pricking out seedlings, potting on and many other tasks associated with maintain the nurseries.

Rockingham provides the opportunity for volunteers to assist with the Rockingham lakes revegetation project unthe the guidance of  Cedric Bakewell.

Volunteering at the nurseries will build skills and friendships.

Peel Centre

  • Volunteers provide land owners help with planting trees
  • Support Research projects
  • Help with education and Presentations
  • Million Trees Program – Volunteers assist with presentation to schools, assisting schools in growing & planting trees.

Children’s Forest

Children and families take part in an annual planting day at the Children’s Forest in Whiteman Park.

Bowra & O’Dea Memorial Groves

Volunteers assist on planting days, and with after care of sites.

Corporate Volunteering

Types of volunteering include:

  • Assisting in the nursery
  • Maintenance and construction
  • Plantings – Volunteer planting days are an exciting and interesting team building activity for your workplace. Speak to us about possible volunteering half and full days, and costs for teams of up to 40 people. Just let us know your requirements and we can work with you to build your team and community
  • City farm activities

Individual Volunteering – Other skills? You name it, we can use it!