Children’s Forest

Children's ForessThe Children’s Forest is a community forest to which kids of all ages can belong.

About the Children’s Forest

For a small registration fee of just $35*, you can purchase a ‘share’ of the forest and dedicate it to a special child you know.

Download the Children’s Forest Membership form here or you can use the Contact Form to send us any enquiries about the Children’s Forest.

Each child is recognised as being a friend of The Children’s Forest with a certificate and their name is recorded on a personalised tile, which is then placed within the Forest.

‘Friends of The Children’s Forest’ are also invited to assist Men of the Trees at the annual planting day in June each year.

All proceeds go towards maintaining the Forest and supporting the important environmental initiatives of Men of the Trees.

Visitor entry is free and children, together with their family and friends, are encouraged to explore, enjoy and discover the many wonders of the Forest.

How did the Forest begin its growth?

The first stage of Whiteman Park’s Children’s Forest was planted in 2001.

What will you find in this wonderful forest?

As you follow the pathways through the Forest you will notice indicator arrows which provide clues as to the surprises that await you at every turn.

These include giant marching ants, colourful birds perched high in tree branches, and a life-size wedge-tailed eagles nest made from steel.

The Forest is located of a bitumen walk/bike path, mid-way between Whiteman Park Village and Mussel Pool. It’s just a ten-minute (500 metre) stroll from either area.

In time it is hoped that the Children’s Forest will be a place where children can come to learn about the importance and beauty of trees and the natural environment as they watch their forest grow and flourish as they do.

*Fee subject to change without notice.

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