Farm Tree Help Scheme

The Farm Tree Help Scheme links city and country people to plant trees on farms in Western Australia. The Scheme began in 1989 with two particular goals: firstly, to help reclaim valuable farming land which had been damaged by the effects of salinity and erosion and, secondly, to encourage people in urban areas to become involved in the fight to save our rural lands.

Under the Scheme, Farmers:

  • Select trees for their farm;
  • Prepare the tree-planting site;
  • Help with planting;
  • Introduce growers to rural life; and
  • Nurture the young trees through their early years.

Under the Scheme, Growers:

  • Grow seedlings at home;
  • Take the seedlings to the farm and help plant them; and
  • Gain an understanding of rural life and landcare issues.

Growers can raise seedlings from seed provided by farmers (ensuring plants which suit the area concerned) and, with hand planting, can place seedlings in difficult areas where they are most needed

Home growing arrangements mean that we can keep costs down and pass these on to farmers through lower prices.

If you have any enquiries about this very worthwhile and successful scheme please give the coordinator Jennifer Young a ring at the Hazelmere nursery on Tuesdays at (08) 9250 3113.

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